Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day gardening

Chester's really good at starting our garden in February. Here it is now.

It's pretty much taken over the living room, but is impressively healthy. Pretty soon they'll be hardened off, and get to move outside permanently. Then I'll have more involvement with keeping them alive (watered) and weeded.

My favorite are these miniature "pistau basil" plants. They're full grown and in bloom at less than 4 inches tall. We put a whole plant in a pot of soup. They're wonderfully tasty!

Outside, we planted peas. We've also started to move some of the inside plants out. We'll see how they do.

Our rhubarb is wild, it doesn't know when to quit. Wish some of the others would go that nuts (like the asparagus, for example).

And, our PEACH TREE IS BLOOMING!!!! We might get fruit from it this year!!!! (See it on the left?)

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