Monday, October 5, 2009

Candy Love from Scrap Fabric

Even in a project that starts out using scraps (like this dress I made), there's scraps left over.

What to do with small scraps of a fabric? Especially fancy fabric?

Last week was our anniversary, and my husband's favorite candy is Dove chocolate. I took the opportunity to make custom dove wrappers.

The supplies:
small scraps of fabric
scissors and/or pinking shears
tiny rubber bands (I got these at the dollar store, they're for kids hair)
Dove chocolates, or any candy to wrap
mailing label stickers (unprinted)

Cut the mailing labels into squares. On each square write a message. Since it was my anniversary, my messages reminded my husband of things I love about him.

Cut the fabric in 4.5"x4.5" squares (I cut mine in 4x4, and they were just a tad small for the chocolates). Pink the edges if you wish. I did on some, and didn't on some.

Stick a mailing label square in the center of each, rotated so it's like a diamond in the center.

Place the candy over the message.

Gather up the four corners and secure with a tiny rubber band.

Repeat until you have nothing else to say, or run out of candy.
Place where they'll be found. (Or make a scavenger hunt!)

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