Sunday, January 3, 2010

God's provision, 1-3-2009

Gifts from God for today:

$20 gas money
160 diapers (yeah!)
snow pants, in the size I need for Matt right now
2 pairs of jeans, overalls and sweat pants in my size!
An Elmo costume (seriously? My kids will think this is SOOO cool!)
a tie
five hats
two wash cloths
a pair of slippers
a set of sheets, that I originally thought I'd cut up and make an apron for Bennet from, but now I'm thinking that may actually fit our bed.
60+ shirts
seven jackets
26 pairs of pants
seven pairs of shorts
and a few sets of pajamas

What's even better is that these clothes are for BOYS! My girls get handed down clothes all the time, but it's pretty rare to get boy hand-me-downs, and these are mostly in really excellent shape too! Thank you Lord!

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