Friday, July 30, 2010

Thousand Gifts, part 3

holy experience

21. Partial fencing around a yard that keeps an escaped chicken from really escaping.
22. Bennet isn't afraid to catch such a chicken.
23. Neighbors all use their air conditioning and haven't noticed the crowing of that particular chicken, who is almost certainly a rooter, not a hen like we thought.

24. Husband's coming home after a bit away for work.
25. Restaurants to celebrate such a return.
26. The financial gift to do such a thing.
27. Brainwashing that's so effective the kids had no concept of a restaurant!
28. Picnics, which would have been our normal special outing. ("Mommy, you forgot to bring the food!")
29. After a couple of weeks without a husband, a day with only dishes, laundry, chicken care, cooking, cleaning and a two-hour appointment felt really low-key. It's all about perspective.
30. The rhythm of my husband's snoring. So calm and relaxing.

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