Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year's interview with Ben

Ben is six. He is in kindergarten homeschool and learning to read. He likes to make things, especially if that involves tools. In 2008, he learned to do chores, and has become quite proficient at sweeping the floor. He keeps his bed neat as a pin (and whines about having to cover up with his blankets, because that means unfolding them so he bed isn't as neat -- note, he did not get this gene from either Chester or me!). He prefers pieces of duck tape to stickers or even pennies as rewards for his extra jobs done (what a boy!). He spends as much time as possible (which isn't much since it's so cold right now) outside.

This is his "New Year's" interview.

Favorite foods: cereal with popcorn, cereal with ice cream, cereal with vegetables (he has not, to my knowledge tried any of these combinations, but that's what he said when I asked).
Favorite vegetable: corn.
Favorite toy: a disk launcher that he got for Christmas from his Grandparents.
Favorite game: the "penguin snow" computer game.
Favorite book: "Pirates at the Park".
Favorite holiday: Easter. ("Because" was the answer to "Why". I suspect because it's the next big holiday?)
Favorite animal: Turkey

If you could change your name, what would you choose? Jed.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dad. Why? So I can ride bikes in the spring.

What is something that you like to cook? Sauce and noodle cheese!

Who are your friends? Dewey, Jed, Nathan and Toby. (All uncles)

What is something you like about Mom? Giving her hugs and kisses.
What is something you like about Dad? Going places with him.
What is something you like about Nathan? I want to go turkey hunting with him.
What is something you like about Toby? That in the spring, we can make guns and swords together.
What is something you like about Lisel? That we can work at the playout together.
What in something you like about Jo? That she can play outside with me.
What is something you like about Matt? That he and I can play all funny.
(You think his love language is 'doing stuff together'?)

What is something that you would like to do this year? Have a snowball fight.

Draw a picture of something you like to do.

"This is me and Daddy, holding hands and going to the park to play. See we're smiling, our teeth are showing, and sticking out our tongues!"


  1. I love your questions! I think I am going to do this with my oldest (5yr girl.) It would be neat to do one every year and put them together in a notebook.

  2. AWwww! That's so cute! What a neat idea. I'm going to go check out that link when I post this. I'm playing "catchup" in posting my comments for the bible readings now. I have my comments moderated so when I was offline with the strep, yours of course weren't going through. They're showing now though! I always write my comments in notepad and c/p them in the comments field- so I have a few day's worth to get 'posted' now, lol Sorry about that hiccup!

  3. I really like this idea...thinking I may make some thing like this for my little one. It would be cool to read over the years how she's changed.