Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm not gone...

Just tired.

Went to the chiropractor today -- the whole family -- for a check-in after the accident last weekend.

I feel much better afterwards.


The chiropractor (a new one for us, recommended by a friend in another town) is located inside a toy store. Could the kids possibly love it more? I like it too, since it's an all-natural toy store, with all these crazy cool things that I can never afford but like to browse for ideas. Loved it.

I think we may have found a replacement van also (we only have the rental van for a week from the insurance company). My dear (insane?) husband is crazy enough to drive all through the night to look at this van tomorrow (it's 10 hours away), then drive back tomorrow, with or without it, depending on, of course, whether he buys it.

That's why we're the crazydavises. Because we try this sort of thing.


  1. What did the chiropractor think? Did he / she say anything regarding potential injuries?

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  2. He was really great -- we have to go probably 4-6 times, then we'll be fine. No real injuries. But he did comment, "wow, you needed this", when my back popped about 20 times. :)

    what amazed me is the difference it made in the two youngest kids -- they hadn't been sleeping well at all, and slept right through the night last night. Hallelujah! They even woke up happy.

    And my wonderful husband got all the way down to Texas, looked at the van, talked with the seller, and decided not to buy it. The van seemed okay to him, but the seller seemed like a con. So he walked away. 20 hours driving for no new vehicle. Poor guy.

    Pray for him to arrive safely home sometime tomorrow. He's sleeping in a rented Escort or something like that.

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