Monday, December 29, 2008

Art Therapy

We stayed home from church Sunday morning to recuperate after totaling our van (but not getting injured) Saturday night. (Never mind that we didn't have transportation to church).

The kids drew these pictures during "Sunday School at home".

"See Mom -- This is a tank hitting our van." (it was actually a jeep). Bennet, age 6.

"This is our van, all crumpled up. And this is all of us outside, we're all okay, see?" Josephine, age 2.

"This is our van. See, the front is on the ground". Bennet again.

We're thankful to all be fine. The other guy was at fault (he ran a red light), and after all the insurance stuff pans out we'll be looking for a replacement minivan. We want 7-8 seats and good miles-per-gallon. Know anyone selling?


  1. I'm glad everyone is okay!

  2. PTL everyone is okay!! Keep the kids talking. You never know what kind of thoughts little ones are having about situations like that, ya know?
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