Saturday, December 27, 2008

Earn the Loyalty of your Part-time Employees

I got a terrific gift from the new CEO of my company this Christmas. It technically wasn't on Christmas, because I took the day off "sick" (which was legit -- three of my kids have strep). But on the day after, when I was the only one working at our closed company.

As the only part time employee of my company, I sometimes feel second-rate. Yes, they treat their employees really great. Even as a part-timer, I set my own hours, which I can rearrange when I need to (as long as I get my time in each pay-period). But I don't get some of the full-time perks -- like vacation time, sick time (I get 1.5 days a year, full-timers get 2 weeks), personal days, profit-sharing bonuses and holiday pay. Not to mention benefits (which I don't really want to pay premiums for anyway).

So I worked this week, while the company was closed. I don't mind doing that -- I get a lot done on days when I have the place to myself.

About half-way though my day, the new CEO saunters through. We all know him well, since he'd been the vice-president for years. And I've always gotten along with him pretty well, even though I find him intimidating. So when he asked why I was there, I was straight with him - the company may be closed, but I'm part time, and if I don't work on Christmas (or the day after), I don't get paid.

"Yes you do".

"No, I don't -- part timer's don't get holiday pay."

"Since I took over they do." (He took over at the beginning of November).


"Everyone gets holiday pay since I took over."

"You've got to be kidding" (He's not a prankster, so this is unlikely).

"No, go home."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, go home!" (He's a little irritated that I don't believe him.)

"How come no one told me this?"

"I told them to tell you -- I made sure the managers knew to tell the part-timers that they were now off on holidays"

"I'm the only part-timer, I think, and I had no idea. Are you serious? I get paid holidays?"

"Yes, for the hours that you would normally work on the day we're closed. Go home."

"Seriously? I can go home?"

"Yes, go."

"I will then. Thank you!"

"Wait -- what are you doing here?"

"I'm mailing out something that I forgot to send out and is up against a deadline. Then I'm going back home to take my family up to my parents. You go home too, your kids need their mom at home."

"Thank you so much! I love you!"

Yep. I told the CEO of the company that I loved him. Then I made sure that he was really serious that I could go home without taking a cut in pay, and that I could do it again next week on New Years Day. After I wrote a note to my manager asking if he knew that I got paid holidays now (considering that he knew I worked Thanksgiving and Christmas...) - I went home. I almost cried from the sheer joy during the drive home.

I'll tell you what. That man just earned my loyalty.


  1. That's totally awesome. Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow what a WONDERFUL blessing!!
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  3. I wish more employers realized that when they treat their employees like humans, they gain much in return.