Monday, December 22, 2008

Made it myself Monday: Secrets Revealed (part 1)

We have Christmas on my husband's side of the family last night. It was an evening of riotous fun, piles of gifts, and more sweets than I care to recall.

And today is the day after.

Where we struggle to find room for the new toys, work on trying to remember what this thing called sharing is, and generally detox from all that sugar.

We're staying in today -- going no where at all, doing nothing to tax our systems, eating healthy bean soup.

We enjoyed the gifts we gave - some were unfinished, and all of them I forgot to get pictures of after they were received.

But of the gifts that I can show you now (some of them will be repeated -- the other grandmother's gift is remarkably similar to the one given yesterday, for example), this is my favorite.

It was given to my neice, Elissa, who is 8, homeschooled and likes to cook. She received this with a set of mini cake pans and a cake mix. (And a moster hoodie, just for good measure and because I really want to get rid of them!)

Hope you enjoy, Elissa! I wish I was paying more attention with the camera, but alas, one can only do so much, and I had to help four kids with their gifts too :)


  1. Too cute! Did you find the apron pattern online?

    I just bought a whole bunch of that same fabric! Walmart had it marked down to $2/yd. So far I've made a baby doll quilt with it. Can't show it yet, because of little eyes, but will soon.

  2. I used this pattern as a base:

    But just made a plain top. It was easy, and used just about exactly a yard of fabric (I lined the bib part, and had to piece the lining because I didn't have another square that size), I also made the waist band and ties a bit narrower.

    I bought the fabric at Walmart for $2 a yard too :) I'm so addicted to their fabric section....