Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quality vs. Quantity

We all know that quality does not equal quantity. Just look at the jumbo size french fries.

But I have, for a long time now, been of the mindset that when it comes to time with kids, quantity does equal quality. Kids don't need just a focused hour each month of attention from their parents, they need lots of time. They crave attention every day, and quite a bit of it (at least mine do). Giving kids attention doesn't need to exclude getting things done -- they actually go together pretty well. My kids, at least, love to help in the garage, to stir dinner, and even to help with housework.

Up until a week or two ago, I took the same approach to this blog -- write every day, even if it's just a short, quick note.

I think I'm changing my mind on that. I've noticed that my favorite blogs aren't really the ones that update every day so much as every post (or nearly so) is well-written and makes me think.

Most of my favorite blogs don't even include pictures in their posts.

I like to post pictures of what the kids and I are doing and making at any particular time -- I don't think that'll change. But I'm also feeling that I want this to be a place of sharing what I'm thinking about on a deeper level. And I don't think deep thoughts on a daily basis (I tell myself that it's because I'm busy, but it's probably just because I'm shallow). Nor do I have the time to really write stellar posts every day.

So if you don't mind, this is likely to become a 3-times-a-week blog rather than a daily blog. I think the content will be higher quality, and lie more along my passions. And who knows - maybe I won't be able to keep myself from updating all the time anyway.... Perhaps quality and quantity will find a way to coexist.

But I want to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. Not a bad philosophy for material things either, come to think of it....

What are the characteristics of blogs that you love to read?


  1. Do whatever works for you. I worry about the ladies that have the biggest, nicest blogs. Is all their time being spent trying to please online buddies? I struggle with time to do it all, too. Sometimes I get to blog everyday, sometimes I go a week or more without. My family is definately higher on the priorities than blogging. My special needs daughter requires a lot of time spent with her. My other girls (a teen and a married, adult)also take their quantity of time out of a day. Both like to talk.

  2. Thanks Calina. I have a really hard time with balance. One part of me really feels more centered when I take the time to write regularly. Another part of me feels like I could be doing something more directly useful to my family with that time....

    And third part of me is thinking of doing a different blog also -- something geared toward moms who work but whose hearts are really in the home. That's what I do - work part time - but my heart is at home with the kids and family. I don't see a lot of blogs who deal with those specific issues.... I guess we'll just see what happens :)

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it!

  3. I agree with you that kids need lots of attention. It seems that they need a never ending supply of it actually. Frustrating at times, but I also like it.

  4. Amy,
    I really enjoy your blog, but I think everyone understands the need to focus on kids and family. I will still check back daily just to see if there is anything new. Thank you for all the interesting posts that you do.

  5. You all are so kind! Thanks for your comments! After some evaluation, I remembered that I started this blog as a way to Glorify God for the fabulous life that He's provided for us. And the focus of this blog will shift a little more back to that - praise and thanksgiving. I don't want to post just to post...

    I'm also planning another blog -- more of a ministry to busy moms (like me). It's focus will be useful posts. Neither of them will get updated every day, but I hope that what I write on both of them will be uplifting and edifying.