Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Poor Little Boy...

Has a rash.

It's the worst here, on his face.

But it's also all over his tummy and back.

I'd call it roseola, but he never had a high fever. He had a mid-range fever for a day or two, so it's still probably what it is. At least it doesn't seem to itch.

The others are sick too (fevers, feeling achy). I hope it doesn't last long.


  1. Have your kids been exposed to chicken pox? When my girls had it, they had the fevers and achys with the rash.

  2. The ask-a-nurse hotline decided that it was most likely measles. The good news is that he's feeling lots better now, and I think we'll all be healthy in time for Christmas!

  3. Amy,
    I couldn't find your email to get ahold of you. Please tell your friend about my blog. I started it as a "proof" of homeschooling since I knew my daughter would never be able to perform on the state achievement tests. I hope to be able to post so much more about autism, special needs, etc. There are so many out there that need help. They don't know where to turn. We're seven years into our journey.

    Please be patient with me though, as I told you, family comes before blogging and I am already drowning in stuff to do!