Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roadkill Cafe

Last year, about this time, my workplace had a chili contest.

Not being one to shy away from some friendly competition, I entered. The requirement was a pot of chili and a table.

I didn't get good pictures of the final table, with the chili and all, but here's the best I got. Chester really did the decorating. We had a live-animal trap (with a stuffed kitten in it), a deer skull (with antlers intact), a couple of rust ol' bear-type traps, a rattlesnake on a stick, and all sorts of really gross stuff.

In addition to this, I had a old, dented spare tire sitting in front of the table. In the huge rusty bowl, I placed the crockpot of chili, to which I had added a few really large turkey bones so that they stuck out everywhere, and I wore greasy mechanic overalls to serve the chili.

While my chili wasn't anything special, I won for best decorated table.

Next week is the same contest for this year. I'm having troubles coming up with an idea for a cheap (i.e. free) table decor that has potential to top last year.

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