Friday, July 29, 2011

I found this old photo of myself a few days ago.

I love this photo. It makes me nostalgic.  And it reminds me to pray for this dear dear group of friends in New Jersey, (almost all of whom tried to marry me off to their grown sons, ha!).  And it makes me want to go shopping in an Indian market again!

I still have this sari, by the way.  The bodice doesn't fit any more (twelve years and five kids have changed my figure somewhat).  But I love the color, and I think it looks okay on me.  I'm thinking that I want to cut it up and make a floaty top or two from it.  But I haven't bit that bullet yet.

Some style-blogging type observations, since I'm still in style-blogging mode:
  • The color of the sari is not far at all from the color of my veins in my wrist. 
  • I'm wearing lipstick.  Since when have I ever worn lipstick?  
  • The lipstick doesn't look super awful.  Maybe I should consider wearing it occasionally?  
  • Nah.  
  • Maybe tinted lip balm though.
  • I have henna in my hair in this photo too.  And it looks sorta fake, just like my henna now does.  I guess not much has changed.  I used to think it looked so real.  I still like the color though - maybe looking sorta fake isn't all bad?
  • Rebecca says here and here that we should wear colors close to our face that have a similar value to our hair.  (That is, if you imagine the color in a grey-scale photo, they would look the same color)  So, I (and you) look better in colors that are about the same darkness value as my (your) hair, because they provide the same level of contrast from the skin.  I hope that's not as confusing as it sounds!  I have dark hair and light skin, so to frame my face well, I should wear darker colors - similar in darkness to my hair.  This particular sari meets such criteria, I think.
How's that for blogging three times in one week?  I don't blame you if you don't bother to read because I'm chattering so much.  It's the Anne of Green Gables influence, I think.  (It's so delightful to listen to that audiobook in the car, but my, she's long-winded!).  Yeah, I'll blame it on her :)

Oh, and color-style-skilled friends with good visual abilities:  Do I look like an autumn?  Or a winter?  Oh, never mind.  I may as well give up fitting into that box.  I don't mind being an out-of-the-box girl in yet another way.


  1. That comment about wearing the same value next to your face that your hair color is ... I'd never thought about that. Interesting, because my hair's value has changed (it's gotten darker) over the course of my lifetime.

  2. I think you'd look comfy (i.e. normal) in Autumn, but can be striking in Winter.

  3. Word Lily - As I look around, it seems to me that most people's hair changes toward a "middle" as they age. Dark hair lightens, for sure. But it does seem that most blonds tend more toward light brown once they hit their thirties.

    Huiwan -- Thanks :) I think I usually prefer to look "normal", but make an impact, especially when I'm meeting a business partner for the first time. So I'll keep the winter colors -- probably my "dramatic" colors in the Zyla scheme (which are blues) as the perfect thing for making an impact. Blues don't seem very "autumn" to me.