Thursday, August 4, 2011

Question of the Day

Do browns look professional?  Can a brown suit, for example have the same impact as a black one, or a charcoal gray one?  How about a Little-Brown-Dress?  Do you have any pictures or links to places that this color really works in a professions type dress?

Just curious.  If I find some, I'll post them here.


  1. I would think browns would be professional. But my profession usually involves shorts and a t-shirt, so I'm probably not really the best one to ask.

  2. I think they're more teacher'esk... (however you spell that).. but I like browns, too. I think it also depends on what shade of brown, and what style of outfit. If its a lighter brown with pinstripes, that's professional, but I always relate brown suites to teachers... or I guess law office people. haha!