Saturday, August 20, 2011

On beyond colors

Not that I've figured out the color thing.  Au contraire.  But I have made a good deal of progress in otherwise defining my style.   (In reality, I've made good progress in figuring out color too, I'm just still a good ways away....)  And I wanted to take the time to share with you a checklist that I found really helpful.

She does a terrific job in the video and in the post (which is long), defining style with eight parameters (none of which are colors, though one is number-of-colors).  I'm not going to re-iterate her definitions, as I think hers are clearer than I could write them.

But I've been thinking about them, and I think they've really helped me define "my" style.  Or at least some idea of what I'm comfortable in.  It's also helped me identify ways to push the envelope style-wise, if I choose to do so.

Please, read the article and let me know what your style choices are in these categories!
(And if you opt not to read the article, the rest of this post probably won't make much sense to you, because I'm just responding to her material).

Silhouette:  I like my shoulders to fit at the shoulders, and my tops to be somewhat fitted on top (i.e. not too baggy around my bust, but not tight either).  I like extra room around my flabby tummy, but not so much at my hips.  I like my pants to not be too slim at the bottom (to balance out my larger top).  I often like my tops long (tunics, almost).  But I've found that I like a short cardigan really well, at least sometimes -- something that hits just at the bottom of my rib cage, where I'm actually slim.  I like puffy shoulders, but it's not a "must", and I don't know why I like them, since I'm already top-heavy. 

Color: I usually wear solids.  I feel the most sophisticated in a monochromatic outfit with an accent.  My favorite outfits are same (or similar) color top and pants with a second color (maybe even a print) accent.  I also like two solid colors with a print accent.  I like my colors quite warm, or very saturated if they're cool (navy blue, aqua and even some purples).  I find that my usual colors (when I feel sophisticated anyway), are near each other on the color wheel, but if I wear a print as an accent, then it must have my monochrome color in it, and usually has the opposite color in it too.

Prints:  I like small to mid scale prints for accents.  I don't think I own a single large scale print, but I don't know why.  Maybe I should try some?

I do like detail: interesting drapes, pleats, a few ruffles, pin tucks.  For me, these really jazz up a solid color. 

Drape:  I generally like my clothes drapey best.  But I don't mind crisp clothes if they don't wrinkle easily.  All the crisp clothes I have do, and I go out feeling all spiffy and professional in them.  But when I catch a mirror later, I'm just a big sloppy mess of wrinkles.  I haven't found a way to do fitted, crisp and not-wrinkly.  Am I missing something?  Anyway, because of the wrinkles, I think I prefer drapey.  I'm a little worried that it adds pounds though.  I'm not sure.  I really do wish I knew how to do crisp without wrinkling.

Texture:  I really am attracted to rough textures (tweeds, knobby, chunky knits).  To me, these are almost a "detail", and I like to only wear one interesting texture, having the rest be rather smooth and matte.

Style References:  Hmm... In the past, I often made Indian or African style references.  Now I almost never do.  My current mental style icon is Kate Middleton.  Elegant and Classic.  I think I probably reference French style a bit.

Accessories: I rarely accessorize, though I dream of one day wearing funky necklaces and/or gorgeous scarves.  I would start, but it's intimidating to me.  My shoes are very functional, hardly interesting in the least.  I would wear a bracelet, maybe, but not big rings.

Since this is already long, I'm saving my "How this all plays out" for another post, on another day.

For the one or two of you that read my musings here, how does your style fit in these categories?

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