Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A good friend gave us a pack of canvases for Christmas - nice, square ones that we could paint.  There was one for each of us.

So the other day we broke out the acrylic paints and went to town.  I showed the kids some "inspiration" beforehand, but each came up with their own ideas.

Bennet did this one.  I think he was inspired a bit by Kandinsky

Lisel did this one, she was going for something like Kandinsky too.

Josephine did this one, she painted exactly what she wanted - no inspiration necessary.

Matthias did this one.  He was inspired by Josephine's.

And Tommy's was really neat looking, but then he kept painting over and over with new colors of wet paint.  We like it just the same.

And I did this one.  It was sort of inspired by Georgia Okeefe - but I didn't manage to get the flower huge enough.  The background was the most fun to paint.  Now I just want to paint abstract repeating patterns all over :)

I think this the first time painting canvas for us all -- and we had a blast!

Isn't that a terrific gift?!

Oh, and I started a new blog.  It's over here.  Each week I challenge myself to set aside a bit of time to create something with a theme, and invite others to join it.   This week's theme is to create something inspired by an Artist or a work of art.  So I'm entering this on my other blog. 

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