Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crazy easy Felt slippers

This winter, my trusty hand-knitted and felted wool slippers finally wore through (after four years of use).  So I've been thinking for a while that I should make myself a replacement pair.

Yesterday I finally got the motivation (thanks Mom!), and dug up some felted sweaters to use.

These couldn't be easier.

I used this pattern. Since the heel calls for elastic, (and felted sweaters are stretchy already), I cut the back of it at an angle -- One inch shorter at the top, slanting down to the pattern at the bottom.   I also made the toe much thicker (that is, the resulting hole for your foot is much smaller) because I wanted them to cover more of my foot.

I only cut one layer --  no lining.  I sewed up the back of the slipper, then the top to the bottom, turned them right side out and put them on.  I didn't even finish the foot opening, since felted sweaters don't really ravel. 

I love instant gratification.  And they're comfy!

(As a side note, these are not actually sewn, I needle felted them with my super cool needle felting machine -- even more fun!)


  1. Oops. the pattern link isn't working! Thanks, Linda

  2. Link is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up!