Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dating my spouse - 88 Frugal Dates

Decided to take a date? Got a babysitter? Spending all your money on the babysitter? No problem! Here's as many free and cheap dates as we could think of...
  1. Swim in the moonlight
  2. Attend special Olympics
  3. Play in a kid's playground
  4. Take a walk - in the woods or on the beach
  5. Dress formally then eat at a fast-food joint
  6. Attend a local high school sporting or music event
  7. Play in bumper cars or drive a go-cart
  8. Visit a friend in the hospital or nursing home
  9. Wax your car together in the park
  10. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or rescue mission
  11. Take a water color course (or other art course) together
  12. Pick local fruit in season, take it home and make dessert together
  13. Work out or jog together
  14. Play a sport (frisbee, tennis, etc) together
  15. Visit local tourist attractions (zoos, museums)
  16. Walk through a greenhouse (we got engaged on this date)
  17. Visit a local National park or Wildlife refuge
  18. Tour a local vineyard or farm
  19. Go window shopping
  20. Watch people at a mall
  21. Take a scenic drive (or tour Christmas lights)
  22. Climb a lookout tour
  23. Join a political rally
  24. Pretend to be tourists, and have strangers take pictures of the two of you together
  25. Eat a picnic (outside or inside)
  26. Visit an observatory, or just watch stars from your backyard
  27. Play a board game
  28. Grab ice cream from the grocery store, and eat it right out of the carton with two spoons
  29. Visit a nearby town
  30. Attend a horse show or county fair
  31. Listen to foreign music
  32. Take karate
  33. Eat grocery store samples
  34. Visit a pet shop
  35. Go horse-back riding
  36. Go bowling
  37. Go to an open house, or a parade of homes
  38. Go to the dollar store, spend $5 and make something out of your purchases
  39. Sit in a coffee house
  40. Read books in a bookstore (one of our favorites right now)
  41. Go thrift store shopping
  42. Take CPR together
  43. Walk around a college campus - be sure to visit the library!
  44. Ride bikes (or mopeds) together
  45. Go tubing in a local river
  46. Try cross country skiing
  47. Visit an antique store, look at the toys you used to have
  48. Visit local botanical gardens
  49. Beech comb or dig for fossils
  50. Roll down a hill
  51. Collect natural artifacts -- wild flowers or pinecones
  52. Play laser tag
  53. Skip rocks on a nearby pond (or whatever body of water might be nearby)
  54. Go fishing (dig your own worms)
  55. Go sledding or build a snow fort (or have a snowball fight), make snow ice cream for dessert!
  56. Be silly in a photo booth
  57. Fly a kite
  58. Write up survey or interview questions, then interview/survey strangers
  59. Play in the rain, jump in the puddles
  60. Take a tour of an art gallery
  61. Rake leaves and jump in the piles
  62. Ride a ferris wheel
And, some for at-home after the kids are in bed.
  1. Read Shakespeare together (or any other book -- we often read a marriage and family book, we have friends that enjoy reading fiction together)
  2. Internet surf together -- plan a dream vacation or look at dream houses
  3. Eat dessert by candlelight
  4. solve a crossword
  5. Reminisce about your favorite "together" songs, and burn a CD of them
  6. Pray together
  7. Have a water gun fight
  8. Carry a Mistletoe around, and use it
  9. Make S'more's on the grill
  10. Make New Years resolutions
  11. Read poetry to each other
  12. Bake something
  13. Finger paint together
  14. Have a jump rope contest
  15. Tie-dye or paint t-shirts
  16. Plant flowers
  17. Pillow fight
  18. Play with tinker Toys
  19. Sing together
  20. Share a bag of Hershey kisses
  21. Take a personality test
  22. Do a craft: wood carving, polymer clay modeling, and wool needle felting are among our favorites. We often do these at a coffee shop.
  23. Learn sign language together
  24. Write your congressman
  25. Sit on a porch swing
  26. Read children's books together -- maybe ones from your childhood
  27. Play the Ungame for couples

By my count, this is 89 Dates. If you add some comments, we can have 100 cheap dates!

Cheap Dates is a great book on this topic, as is 2002 Things to do on a Date. I haven't read 52 Great Cheap Dates or Dating for under a Dollar, but they look good too.


  1. One of my favorite things to do is just to ride over to the nearby marina and sit in our car, watching the people and the boats! It's very pretty and relaxing and sometimes we have the best conversations there.