Monday, September 29, 2008

You inspire me

I'm the type of girl who needs inspiration. I want a reason to wake up in the morning -- something that I know is worth sacrifice, and that delights me to think about. Something concrete and obtainable, so that I can know I'm making progress toward my dream, but something that stretches me and causes growth in the process.

I love to live in the big "What if". What if God would allow us to serve missionaries through the gifts he's given to us? What if Chester could use his skills to make a better, safer airplane for jungle missionaries? What would it take to serve in that manner?

What if we could get the schooling required to be an aviation engineer without going in to debt? What would that take? What would make life livable in the process?

What if we were to buy a house really cheap, fix it up and sell it for a profit? Could that pay off? Would it make it possible for me to stay home, not working, even while Chester was in school? What if we used some of the profit from such an idea to help others we care about, rather than selfishly keep it to ourselves?

What are the steps to achieve these dreams? Where are we in the process? Aviation mechanics license? Check. Mechanical or Aviation engineering degree? About half way there. Experience? That'll come after the degree, probably. Then raising support and joining up with JAARS. Buying a cheap house to increase it's value? Done once, partway through twice, and starting on the third. Staying home while Chester's in school? Right now part time. If God allows profit through fixing up and selling houses, then for each house I can quit roughly a year earlier. Staying sane? You bet. With a husband and father like Chester around -- things run pretty smoothly.

Sure, it's slow going. But each day we get up. Each day Chester studies. Each semester he takes more classes -- these are tangible steps toward the long term goal. In the midst of it, he lives life as the best Father and husband a family could ever have. He is our spiritual mentor, he is here for me, and available to the kids. He is a servant in every way.

Happy anniversary to my inspiration.

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