Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Super Duper Home-made Ice cream

We're on WIC (a government program for low-income families with small children that provides supplemental food). It's a real blessing in some ways -- one of which is free milk. They estimate that each kid drinks tons of milk - and I suppose some kids do. But mine don't. So we always have extra milk hanging around. We make things like yogurt and cottage cheese when we're feeling healthy. But most often we make pudding or ice cream. Here's my favorite cheapo recipe for homemade ice cream.

3 quarts milk (that's because we have a 3 quart ice cream machine)
2 packages instant pudding (we usually use pudding)
1 Tbsp Mexican vanilla
1/4 cup white or yellow cake mix
pinch salt

Whisk all together until well mixed. Process in ice cream maker. Eat until your tummy hurts.

Freeze excess in something plastic or glass, since it gets reasonably hard, and you'll want to soften it in the microwave for a minute before scooping again.

Here's some add-ins.

For caramel-pecan: We get pecan rolls from food net, scrape the pecans off the top and mix it in to a caramel sauce. Then cool it thoroughly, and stir it into the ice cream. That's what we made last night.

For chocolate: substitute about a third of a box of brownie mix for the cake mix, use chocolate pudding, and we add in a couple of tablespoons of cocoa too. Then we make the rest of the box of brownie mix, stir in the called-for oil and water, but not eggs to make a thick paste. We freeze the paste, then cut it into chunks and stir it in to the chocolate ice cream.

For chocolate-peanut putter: add peanut butter to the brownie paste mix above.

For fruit: Make a sauce of fruit and a bit of sugar (raspberries and sugar, peaches and sugar, etc). Cool the sauce, stir in to ice cream.....

Or try fall-spice: Stir in pumpkin pie spices. It tastes a lot like chai.

You get the idea. Now I need to go have a scoop of last night's caramel-pecan.

picture from whatscookingamerica.net

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