Monday, September 29, 2008

Made it Myself Monday: phone cuff

A while back, I found a men's shirt with fabulous fabric. I had to pick it up and take it home to cut up. The back and sleeves became and apron, the front became a bulletin board, and recently I found a great use for the cuffs. This is a 'concept project', so forgive the lack of perfection!

First, I cut the cuffs off the the sleeve. If I had wanted to be perfect, I would have ripped the seam so that there aren't little frays along the one side. Then I folded the cuff so that the buttons were about 1/3 the way down one side. Then I sewed up the sides until the buttons, leaving the top side open. All done!

My phone has no battery life, so this became a wall-holder to keep my phone plugged in.

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