Friday, November 14, 2008

The cheapest way to get glasses

A few weeks back, justamommy posted about buying glasses from Zenni Optical.

The info was just too good to keep to myself. So I want to make sure you know about it too. They advertise glasses from $8.00 and up. You have to have your prescription first, and send it in perhaps with a measurement of your pupil distance (they provide info on measuring this on their site). They tell you exactly what information you need to obtain on the prescription from your optometrist.

This week my brother-in-law, who needs a really severe prescription, got an eye appointment through the university where he's a student. It was free. They gave him a prescription, and he went to the site. He picked his favorite frames (which weren't the cheapest there), and ordered pure titanium high index (1.61) lenses with anti-glare coating for under $70. If you've ever had to buy super-duper prescription glasses, you know this is a terrific deal.

Next time you need prescription glasses, check them out! And for more Frugal Friday, head on over to Biblical Womanhood.

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