Monday, November 3, 2008

Nature Walk: Autumn Colors

Sometimes I think we're at a nature disadvantage living in suburbia. No small farm, no livestock nearby (to smell and hear), no endless fields... But it's definitely not devoid of nature. Just this week we were invaded by millions of ladybugs. And last week I was photographing some scarves that my Mom made to sell on Etsy, and a snake crawled under one of them. Yes, plenty of nature.

One of my favorite ways to get outside and enjoy nature, even in the city, is to take a Nature Walk. Usually we pick one theme for observation ("What do you hear?" "What kinds of bugs can we find?" "What sorts of seeds are there around us?") Today we did "What colors can we find?"

Not everyone wanted to go.

We looked for colors in our walk. Instead of picking up the colors and bringing them home, we took along the camera.

Autumn colors Red and Orange
Autumn Colors Yellow and Green
Autumn Colors Blue and Voilet
Autumn Colors
Yes, it's beautiful here too. Even Josephine enjoyed it.


  1. Those are beautiful photos! Have you taken a photography class?

  2. Nope -- just learning as I go. (Photo taking is something that I really like about blogging).

    Chester used to do professional photography - maybe I'm catching a bit of his eye :)

    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Hi there~
    Great photos! I too am new to blogin' and love to take photos for my blog.
    I hope you will come over to my blog and say HI~
    I am a christian mom of 6 kiddos. I read some of your back post and will come back soon...great job!


  4. Beautiful photos! I love how you arranged them.