Saturday, November 15, 2008

Idea + Sale = Beware!

The combination of an idea and a sale is really lethal to me.

Last Spring, I had the idea to make monster hoodies. I found one at a thrift store, made it up and it turned out really cool. The next week I found hoodies on sale at Walgreens for $2 each. I bought 40. Then I had to go buy rubbermaid totes to house all these hoodies. Now I'm finally making good on my promise to re-coup my costs by selling them. I've given away 15-20 as gifts, but just listed the first one for sale.

Last week, I had the idea to make Gandalf. It started as amigurumi, but I quickly lost patience for learning to crochet just to make Gandalf. Too slow. Then I remembered seeing cute little people made from pipe cleaners. We made Josephine a little doll with a felt dress, and I knew it was a winner. Add some embroidery floss (like Wee Folk), and there we go. I really like how he turned out.

The beard was mustache were a pain -- I wrapped embroidery floss around a twister to get them this way, then molded it on to his face -- no glue.

All wizards love fire, right?

The kids got in on it too -- skipping the embroidery floss, Bennet and Lisel each designed (and mostly made) their own. I introduce Pedro and Natalie.

Guess what? Embroidery floss was on sale today for 15 cents. I was thrilled. I bought 80.
Now I just need a sale on pipe cleaners.

Oh save me!

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