Monday, November 24, 2008

Made it Myself Monday: Newspaper Hats

The Kids Think Challenge this week is to build a hat from three pieces of newspaper and all the masking tape you want. Then wear it to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's. :)

Newspaper and masking tape are at a bit of a premium here, so each person got one piece of newspaper (Bennet got two), and 6 inches of masking tape. They each had a great hat idea, and Mom helped make them.

Bennet: "I want a cone pirate hat"

He helped make it himself.

The finished hat.

The pirate.

Josephine: "I want a cone princess hat"

Lisel: "I want a bowl hat"

I doubt that they'll last until Thursday for Thanksgiving at Grandma's, but these were so much fun that we'll make a second round there!

What have you all made lately? Leave a comment and a link!


  1. How did you make the bowl hat? looks awesome

  2. I just put the sheets of newspaper over a bowl, taped a circle shape aroung the edge of the bowl, then rolled the edges of the paper in to the tape.