Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy Napping

After two weeks of bad colds, now that we're finally getting well, Mommy is tired.

So while I normally would have been blogging (I have a great works-for-me-wednesday post idea), I was napping.

Oh well. That works for me too, this week. And now I have the energy to be cheerful around my kids because I napped while they napped.

If I had the time (now that it'd time to make supper), I'd tell you how it's a complete sanity saver to have all four of my kids confined to their beds for a period in the afternoon. No, they don't all sleep. Usually only the younger two do. The older ones look at books or play quietly in their beds (or at least that's the goal). And we all feel much better afterwards.

I need that down time.

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