Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brothers in New places

I work in the Steel Industry. Well, actually, I work in the software industry and the steel industry. (I write a Steel software). While Software is a rather genteel industry, I think it's safe to say that Steel is not. When I took my job it was weeks months before my ears stopped tingling with the influx of new language.

Now that I've been here over two years, though, I've come to appreciate the honest, hard-working-ness of those in that industry. And I do truly want to make their jobs easier and better through providing what they want and need in my portion of the software.

But it's still a pretty rough industry, and I'm glad that they're all going home tomorrow afternoon and leaving me to do my job.

Today, though, I was explaining a file format to a gentleman, only to have the conversation wander a bit and discover that he's a strongly missions minded believer. What a neat surprise! I think he was equally surprised to run into a missions minded believer at a Steel conference. So we talked missions for a while - it was neat to hear of the opportunities that God has given him in the Steel industry.

Then at supper, the conversation took similar turns and I found I was sitting next to a youth pastor. Wow! (A co-worker informs me that this industry has a LOT of believers, just with rough edges, but this is my first experience of this sort. I hope it's not the last!).

So, in the place where I least expected it, God surrounded me with brothers today. How refreshing.

Just thought I'd share.

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  1. If we're honest we're all rough around the edges, and in the middle, no?

    Traveling for this conference to, or was it in Lincoln?

    Oh, and haven't looked at the website all week. Ended up applying for a job so spent all week writing a cover letter, CV and compiling writing samples . . .