Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kids Think! Making a car

The weekly contest from Think! is to build a car out of

4 sheets of paper
2 pencils
2 markers
scotch tape

(no scissors!).

So, we decided to give it a try. Bennet was absolutely thrilled to have free reign with the tape. Oh, and markers (which have been banned for a while) -- it was fun before we began!

I gave him no supervision, because the laundry needed folding.

First, he took advantage of the markers:

Then the tape, for this final product:

It doesn't roll, but it did slide down the ramp that he and Daddy made last summer.

Now we're out of tape. Bennet has been saving up his money to buy his own, so when we buy more scotch tape for us, he'll get his own roll of masking tape. He can't wait.

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