Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to my big six-year-old!

Happy Birthday to my Oldest boy!

My what a big boy.

Because you don't have a birth story written up very well yet, let me tell you a bit about yourself.

You were born on October 6th, 2002 - six weeks before the doctor expected you, and pretty small. You had to have a special bed in the hospital, with a lamp to keep you warm. Here's you and me the first time that I got to visit you in your hospital room.

Dad put his hand on your back - they were the same size. From your bottom to your head was the size of my hand from the base of my thumb to my fingertips.

And here you are, eight days old. We didn't have a name for you yet when you were born, and almost named you Shawn. In the end, we decided that you were too spunky to be "Shawn". Your middle name was hard to choose. We decided on 'Little Blessed one' rather than Pruitt - 'Little Courageous One' because we felt that God's blessing must be on you for letting you live and be so healthy. We were and are so thankful that God let you live after being born so early and so little. We figured that he must have big plans for you. I still think He does.

You weighed less than a bag of sugar (4 lbs). You amazed all the doctors and nurses because you could breathe and eat just fine, even though you were pretty tiny. But you didn't know how to burp, so they put a tube down your nose, and after I fed you, they would suck the air out of your tummy to make you feel better. Gross, huh?

Your first Christmas:

Now, at six years old, you seem so grown up. You're a big brother to three others. Your help around the house and with your brothers and sisters is so valuable.

You like to do crafts

and work in Dad's shop.

You're learning how to read. You're building your own garden spot for next spring on the side of our house.

The treehouse in the back yard is your favorite place to hang out.

Sometimes you're just a little bit silly

We love you so much. Thanks for being our super big boy!


  1. "Congratulations on not getting pregnant in your first six months of marriage.

    Chester, Amy, and"

    Remember that? ;)

  2. Fondly! It was pretty scary finding out that we were parents so quickly.

    But, what a blessing in the long run!