Thursday, October 23, 2008

Think! Egg on Straws

This week's Think! assignment is to build a structure that will hold an egg at least 1 inch off of the table using only 12 straws and 12 inches of tape (scissors may be used, but not part of the solution.)

Bennet came up with the idea of making a 'barrel', but Mom had to help quite a bit with the implementation.

First, We cut the bends out of the straws, then cut the rest of the straw to be about the same length as the short section. That made each straw into 4 pieces, so we had about 48 little bits.

Then, we tried to tape them together. This took some doing, as they were too big around to gracefully hold with one hand and tape with the other. So Mom taped while Bennet held on to the mound. It took some trial and error to get them level too. In the end, it was really stable.

Bennet liked playing with tape and straws. He also made a "chair"

and a "two-shooter gun".

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