Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kids craft: bracelets

A couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to teach the preschool kids Sunday school. Knowing that it's a very active group, I decided to take along something to keep their little hands busy.

I landed on making bangles. So I marked off a plastic water bottle and cut it into 10 or so 5/8 inch thick "bangles", and wound up several balls of yarn. It was a reasonable hit at Sunday school (the boys liked them too), but most of the kids had troubles wrapping the bracelets themselves, even though I'd already balled the yarn. Still, they loved the craft, and the next day, Lisel "needed" to make herself another one. She picked out the yarn, and made this one entirely on her own -- from tying the beginning knot to finishing it up. She's very proud of herself, and so am I. I decided that this craft is perfect for preschool girls with one-on-one attention.

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