Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emotional Decluttering: Living Simple Saturday

Simple Living
Today's Living Simply Saturday post by KeeperoftheHome is exactly what I've been thinking about this week. We have so much, it's amazing what spoiled brats we've become.

This whole week I've been struggling with my bad attitude. I'm tired of working - I don't really like the way I'm being treated, and I feel like I just want to stay home and train my children. I'm tired of Chester being in school - I want it to just be done. I'm tired of being too busy. I'm tired of unfinished projects around the house..... I'm tired of worrying about finances.

In thinking through some of my work-related angst, it occurred to me that I really have a fabulous job. I work 20 hours a week, and we live on that (My husband is a student and doesn't have a job). I set my own hours, I have a big cube with a terrific view. Who am I to be angry that I got singled out for a special honor (that included a $15 plaque-thingy) rather than getting a raise this year. In reality, we don't need a raise - we can live just fine on what we have.

But rather than be grateful, it's so easy for me to harbor resentment toward the company that I now view as stingy - never mind that they pay me enough for my family of six to live on with me working part time. And I worry that the money, which is more than we'd ever made our first five years of marriage, isn't enough. I find myself totally forgetting that God is enough, and that He is the one who takes care of me.

When I get this way -- self-absorbed -- I forget that I still have way, way more than practically the entire rest of the world. And I forget the kind of God I serve. One that knows me and loves me -- not just like he loves "the blob", but knows and loves me. He knows the hairs on my head, he knows how many messy diapers I've washed out, and he knows my frustrations. He also knows how to make me grow up. I've always had a hard time controlling my attitude. It's high time I learned.

It's amazing how much better (and more simple) life is when my eyes are in the right place (on God, not me). I can let go and forgive the tiny offenses that I feel. I'm emotionally decluttering. It feels good.

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