Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doin' the Turkey Dance

We finally decided to let our kids attend a local church's halloween party.

That means that costumes are in order. Bennet insists on being a turkey. (If you know him, you're so not surprised). Apron Queen's Reviews is having a challenge which involves doing the chicken dance. You know where this is going....

Here's how we made this really last-minute costume:

Tail: A red and orange shirt, torn into strips and tied around a piece of elastic that then is pinned to orange shorts

Head: A piece cut from a red felted sweater and sewn into a curve above the face-hole (which was already ripped in the sweater. A felt beak sewed on, as well as a strip of red fabric for the over-the-beak thingy. A love red hanging-thingy out of the same sweater, just a long strip cut, sewed and turned. Google eyes glued on.

Wings: Two wing-like shapes cut from same felted sweater and pinned on to an orange tee shirt.

Legs: Red tights borrowed from the box for when Lisel gets older.

The great thing about pre-schoolers is that they don't mind (or know) if it's totally dorky!

I still have to make unicorn and kitty costumes for the girls. Matt will be lucky if he gets to dress up, it's a good thing he's too young to care!


  1. That is a great costume. Very clever.

  2. oh how cool a new love dancing and love the chicken, turkey, dance....DabookLady

  3. Yea for TURKEYS doing the CHICKEN dance!! How fun! Thanks for playing! :)

  4. Wow, bet there was a strut involved in the dance!

  5. You're so awesome that I need help choosing the winner! I have opened a poll for readers to vote. Come see-