Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Made it myself Monday: The birthday cake

So, this is the cake I made yesterday for the birthday boy. He requested a pirate ship cake. I required a cake that was actually yummy.

I decided on this recipe because it looked like it would stack well and also be yummy. I baked two round cakes, sliced them in half and turned them on their side to make a round-bottomed boat. Then I frosted and decorated.

I thought it turned out okay -- nothing really super special, but also not bad for a first attempt.

The "water" is coconut that I colored blue with food coloring. The fishes are "goldfish" type crackers in various aquatic shapes. There's even a gummy octopus in the water. The ship itself has a few treasure troves of interesting candies. And a dorky mast. Cannons on the side are made of marshmallows. And I had no gummy bears, so the pirate is a lego man with "zoo" on his shirt. Should have done Noah's ark.

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