Friday, October 10, 2008

Frivolous Friday

Crystal at BiblicalWomanhoodOnline is taking a break, which leaves us no place to share our "Frugal Friday" tips. Kate at A Simple Walk has a great fix: Frivolous Friday!

  1. If you had $100 that you had to spend on a luxury item, what would you spend it on? Hmm... yeah.... This is hard. I think I would also get some clothes -- a really nicely flattering shirt, and slacks that fit great and were comfortable. I doubt I could actually spend new prices though -- maybe just go to a nicer thrift store. And buy some really beautiful fabric or a curtain or shade for my naked living room window.... Or fancy attachments for my sewing machine. That's more like it.
  2. If you had to eat out every day for a week, which restaurants would you go to? Mmmm.... I'd eat Indian food. Lots of Indian food. And probably some really down-home Chinese (not the American style). There's this terrific Malaysian restaurant in Chicago....
  3. What is one non-frugal thing you’ve done recently where you were glad you didn’t have a blog video recording you? My sewing machine, a Bernina 801 broke a couple of months back. I couldn't imagine life without my beloved machine, and the repair shop told me that parts for that machine are no longer made. So I went on ebay and bought another old Bernina (this one is a 817). I paid $300 including shipping. The same night, I found another old 817 on Craigslist in Michigan, and bought it too. I paid $150 for the second one (including shipping). The next week, I found out that the part that broke on my 801 is a standard part, and any old repairman would have some laying around that I could just buy -- they didn't have to be Bernina parts to fit. So now, I have three sewing machines. An 801 that I still haven't repaired and two 817s. The 817 are nice, but I still like my 801 better. I think I'll probably sell it though, and just fiddle with the 817 adjustments until I like them. It'll be nice to have a spare machine (for parts especially), but well, that $450 could have been about $30 if I had been patient enough to look in other places for the part that broke on the 801.
  4. If money were no object and you had to take a vacation (you poor thing) where would you go? Finally, an easy one. Our honeymoon was in the smokey mountains. We promised ourselves we'd go back. And we will, someday.
Play along! Leave a link at either Finer Things or A Simple Walk, or here of course.

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  1. Wish I could buy one of those sewing machines... really wish I'd know what to do with it if I had it! ;-) Definitely not my strength.